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Comment: Justin Raimondo says HELLO DP from Sacramento

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Justin Raimondo says HELLO DP from Sacramento

I just finished watched a speach presented by THE REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS, who hosted editor, Justin Raimondo. Raimondo's speach was about this history of the conservatives, the libertarian aspect in elections and seeking a voice for an antiwar choice, and the hope Ron Paul renewed. I think it may have been a beneficial speach to the younf Republicans Ron Paul has pointedly made an outreach, so I give Raimondo credit for also reaching out this group with hope, promisuing a solid history and passion for peace on Earth, goodwill to ALL.

I would like to make a ptch here for REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS. They held their election of officers, and there were a few VERY IMPASSIONED and inspired, I must say, fearless to the point of recklessness, considering where we were, CAGOP convention, that would have mande MANY Dpers VERY VERY PROUD. They took no hesitation in calling those who voted Romney "Traitors!", recounted inside crime, after inside crime, naming states where corruption was rampent, and charging to change the GOP, and not conceeding one iota to the Republican establishment, they blamed. (As proud as MANY of DP would be to hear this kind of speach at a GOP convention, half the room walked out, and this is a set back in a shameful way. This kind of talk is OK on DP, but it's not OK, and as Ron Paul AND Rand Paul teaches us, there are more than one way to skin a cat (but some really should be skinning this cat with Rand because you've got the power and passio, the personality, the drive to do better.. you can.. and REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS, which was a bunch of DP supporters.. are having a great time and I'm really proud of them and... I'll join, because I appreciate anyone having the guts to say Ron Paul, as I do, with no shame).

Now, my big event.. after my treasurer's meeting, I went back to the top floor and had a virgin mary, met a few people, while I stood in line.. and when it was my turn, I walked over to Karl Rove, looked him right in the eye, and said, "The people are catching on Karl".

He asked me, "What do you mean?" And I said, "You're Victory PAC is not going to stop the Liberty Movement from getting Rand Paul the nomination. And he said, "I got $2.9 million for Rand Paul." I said, "WEll that's great news because I'm going to call you aqnd raise you on that." And he laughed and they took out picture. I ill publish it when I get home.

At Lunch, we were seated to a signed copy of Karl's latest book, "Courage and Consequence", and I think I'll use it for an raffle prize. Karl then bored us about Texas.. that's DeVore and Rove, both from Texas boring us about Texas.

Lunch menu

sliced strawberries, sugared peacans and spinach salad with white basalmic vinegarette
assorted rolls and butter
Pot Roast in port reduction an ju with mashed potato and carrot fan
I excused my self early to check out REPUBLICAN LIBERTY CAUCUS.. doing great work on a grassroots level, with Ron Paul supporters who are inteligent, passionate, fun, having fun and making a BIG difference in the GOP.

You know.... I came away from the treasurer's meetings with the idea that the government makes paying taxes hard on purpose to stop people from doing business.