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that is wise--

but most of the Jews aren't globalists at all, and definitely all globalists are not Jews, anymore than most Christians are globalists, etc.--

The fact that a very small group of Jewish men (and women) back in the 1800s came up with the Zionist movement and pushed it on their fellow Jews, many of them not agreeing with it--

and got many of their fellow Jews killed by ignorant collectivists--

is a huge problem--

However, the Jews Against Zionism don't flinch; they call it like it is--

they don't want to see anyone oppressed--

Definitely don't use the word "Jew" in connection with Zionism or globalists, etc.--

because so many Jews have no sympathy with any of that--

but the word Zionism is tricky, because the philosophy was mostly supported (150 years ago) by 'elite' Jews--

who, like many other 'elites' of every group/race/religion . . . do not mind sacrificing their 'own'--

That's not to say that some Christian leaders didn't pick up Zionism and run with it and turn it into the most virulent form of Zionism--


Probably for gain; why do most evil people do evil things?--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--