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So, your suggestion is that I

So, your suggestion is that I pay taxes to support a Statist? I have no alternative but to pay taxes; so why should I support a Statist with the money Statist like yourself and others force me to pay?

Your argument is this: We make you pay taxes against you will. You would rather not pay taxes, because you would rather not have a government, and because you would rather not have a government or pay taxes you shouldn't support a politician who is Pro Liberty. Thereby making the tax money that you are forced to pay against you will go to fund another Statist like those forcing you to pay taxes against your will.

That is a beautiful argument if I wanted to fund Statists or to propagate Statism, but since I don't; I do not believe it is a very intellecual argument.

Maybe you and those like you should openly admit that you support the current government exactly how it is; considering that the government you supposedly want will in time -as a matter of the nature of government- become nearly indentical to this one anyway.