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I watched less than 5 minutes of it--

but the main man who was being interviewed seemed intellectually honest--

he was applying principles that can be applied to ANY group--

Honest men and women do not want to see what happened before, during and after WWII . . . happen again--

and if talking about what happened and maybe some of the reasons why involves discussing the unique characteristics of a particular group (and EVERY group has some unique characteristics)--

then those of us who do not want to see oppression and violence--

may be glad that *we* listened.

Check out these people:


These men (and MANY others, including women) have gone beyond collectivism--

true truth seekers and very brave--

There are so many others, but I don't have time--

anti-semitism has been overused, but I agree that there are those who hate--

there are those who hate people who are not like themselves--

I know people who hate blacks and hispanics--

it's really hard to reason with such people--

I know fewer people who hate Jews, but I do believe they exist--

unreasonable people hate, because they can't think straight--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--