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Comment: I am not looking for women

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I am not looking for women

I am not looking for women votes I am simply pointing out it is a matter of personal responsibility. I never said the man doesn't have some responsibility. I am pointing out that neither has the right to bring government force to bear for their lack of responsibility. The main reason that scenario can even be brought up now days is precisely because government has intervened and people now do not even think of their own personal responsibility and the consequences of their actions on the matter because they know they can bring government force to bear to fix their mistakes.

You points are moot having the free will to make decisions concerning ones life and suffering the consequences good or bad is self ownership period. Your idea that it is not is absurd and makes no sense whatsoever. You chose your own destiny by the choices you make period end of story. Claiming God or any other entity owns you makes no difference at all whether it's true or not. You are still the one making the choices that determines your lot in life. It doesn't get anymore self ownership then that!

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