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Yeah but that is for the

Yeah but that is for the Swiss to decide as to what they want for their country. This is slavery and there is no other way to define it. Look, if someone feels a personal obligation to serve their country, there are plenty of opportunities for someone to do so. Any person 18-25 can pretty much enlist in the military and they are even accepting crackpots now. There are also other organizations for which one can volunteer. Heck, you can even go down to your local hospital and ask how to help out. At least you can change your mind that way. This would force people into involuntary servitude for a period of two years. Since anyone willing to volunteer doesn't need this bill to permit them to do so, it would only impact those who have no desire to perform national service.

I guess slavery is okay with our government as long as it has a defined start and end time. Maybe Abe Lincoln could have offered the CSA a compromise on slavery by limiting slavery to a two year period. Then we wouldn't have had that bloody war. /sarcasm