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Um, no, that is NOT my

Um, no, that is NOT my argument. What are you even talking about? Please re-read my original post. My argument is this: Anarchists say all tax-funded services are inherently evil and immoral. This means all tax-funded government is evil and immoral. This includes political representatives, since they are a tax-funded service. Therefore, the office of a political representative is inherently evil and immoral. Therefore, the political office of Ron Paul is evil and immoral. Therefore, anyone who supports his political office is supporting evil and immorality.

This is the essence of what I said in my very first comment here. Now, if you don't agree with any of those premises, you aren't an anarchist. Either that or anarchists all over the web need better communication skills. The problem is that you want it both ways. You want to shout "Anarchy!" while supporting political reps who say things you like. But it doesn't work that way if you want to be a principled person. My suggestion is that you stop being an anarchist. This is just one example of the internal flaws within anarchy. It's an illogical worldview. Support Ron Paul and other reps like him because they are upholding PROPER government. Don't praise them and then condemn the legitimacy of their service at the same time.