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Fast Return

"1/4 city block with a house on it"

Is it Private ... of course :)
I am spent today after a baseketball tournament and then a wedding shower. I've a bad headache and am going to bed early now that dinner has been finished for my growing boys of which I ate none...Had to take the oldest to the Doc Fri because he was having bad stomach cramps...doc said it is taking people upto 2 weeks to get over this crazy stomach virus. So, I'll be patient with myself and get some if a 3 hour nap wasn't enough yesterday.

I saw you left me a reply on whom does God help and I have read your other welcome replies, but have not looked at any links yet. MN is Michael Nystrom. It was his post I was quoting below somewhere.

I've got to get ready for Sunday School before lights out, and I am hoping they will be out ASAP :) I hope you and yours have had a good day.