Comment: You’re using Mr. McGoo as your example

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You’re using Mr. McGoo as your example

You really don’t have a clue as to what you are talking about do you? Greenspan was an advocate for the gold standard until he became the “chairman”. Greenspan and Rand were elitist. Greenspan hide behind “deregulation” all they while knowing the Federal Reserve System was a Cartel……Greenspan was a criminal.

But you didn’t answer any of my questions……so I will repeat them once again and maybe you can reach between your legs and step up and answer the question rather than hide behind your attacks as a shield of ignorance.

1)How much of existing government would you repeal?
2)How far would you roll government back?
3)Where your point…..state where you think limited government ends and fascism begins?
4)Where do you think limited government begins?