Comment: She doesn't see that the free

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She doesn't see that the free

She doesn't see that the free market has an inherent efficiency that provides what people want at the lowest price. She has some concept of government waste, but she doesn't understand that the govt is inherently wasteful. The govt's costs are not based on the value people put on the services with the prices they are willing to pay, but on arbitrary budgets, so the govt subtracts from the net wealth of society. In a free market, each trade is done because both sides benefit, and wealth is created with each trade.

With healthcare, she seems to think that what we had before Obamacare was free market healthcare. She doesn't see that the loopholes anyone has to jump through to provide services blow up the cost of services by a factor of ten, a hundred, or more, depending on the situation. A nurse isn't allowed to see and treat patients for issues that they're perfectly capable of handling, and if they could do so, they would charge much lower rates than doctors. She doesn't understand that the whole medical system is a prohibitively expensive behemoth created by the govt. Ask her why patients end up flying out to less regulated foreign countries to get medical care for cheaper. Should they not be allowed to seek services they can actually afford to pay for?

I used to be liberal in my economic thinking, and I thought healthcare costs were the result of too many businesses with their hands in the pot and driving up costs with all their expensive machines in hospitals. I didn't see that more businesses involved would actually drive down prices if the govt kept its hands off.

Show her how unregulated the electronics industry is, and how electronics are always going down in price, decade after decade, year after year, month after month, every timeframe, pretty consistently going down. And they're doing it so well that even inflation can't stop it.