Comment: A pocket version would never

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A pocket version would never

A pocket version would never happen, in my opinion. I believe you would need a lot more power that some pocket size would be able to protuce. These Drones are high in the sky -15,000 feet or so- you are going to need quite a bit of power and possibly large antennas -depending on the frequency used.

Maybe fractal designed antennas could be used -similar to what are currently embedded in wireless devices. If this is possible, then it would definitly make a suitcase version doable without the need for stationary -fixed in place- antennas. If the fractal antenna cannot be used then the physical size of the antennas needed would probaly be too large to be mobile. While the main unit could still -theoretically be mobile(suitcase)- the antennas might need to be fixed in position.

It is possible; at the very least a fixed location unit is possible.