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Chip and I

Ask and Ye shall receive....I ask for a humbled anarchist and POOF, here you are. I am confident if you studied the entirety of this thread you would see my chip shrinking....I'll leave it in your hands.

Ratings systems is a form of self governance, is it not. As is the majority of the well articulated points in your post. But it is still a form of government with rules and consequences. It is a small city state, a community. It is local, not central. It is, if applied to the US the makings of a confederacy. Unless you have an idea of how an economic powerhouse can defend itself from tyrannical government the world over, with no taxes and no unifying leadership. Our founders faced this problem and like today, their world was full of empires and tyrannies.

Furthermore, the majority of your arguments are related to the current US monetary system and the private corporations corrupting the corruptible. How does an anarchist system stop collectives from forming and using your Non Aggression Zone as a base to plunder and pillage others around the world the way Wall Street has done with our utopia ?

I have plenty of honest relationships, but thanks for the advice anyways.....