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The mods are not the thought police

The internet, and the DP is a place for healthy debate and the exchange of ideas. It is through that exchange of ideas that the truth emerges.

I assume we're all adults here. If you don't like a topic, or how that topic is expressed, you can express your opinion on that thread, and / or not participate in the discussion.

There is a clear disclaimer on the the site that the opinions expressed here are those of the poster, not of anyone else. So don't worry about what is or isn't good for "our" reputation.

Anyway, we've already been smeared with every name in the book. They're always going to make fun of us. So you can wring your hands and stress yourself out about it, or you can just ignore it.

The Daily Paul was heavily censored during the presidential election campaigns. We had a nice echo chamber here for a while. I think it is better from an educational and growth standpoint, to have a variety of opinions, instead of just one.

He's the man.