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point(s) well taken

Thanks for pointing that out.

I was originally going to say "libertarian-oriented UKIP, but even
that seems to be stretching it.

Considering they like to promote themselves as non-militarist
and against foreign intervention you'd think they wouldn't need
big increases in the military budget - hopefully the opposite.

And while I can see wanting to reduce dependence on imported
oil/gas/coal and the environmental issues associated with it, I
can't quite see why you wouldn't exhaust renewables as a possibility
before you went for more nukes. Germany has been going the
opposite direction from what UKIP seems to want to do and
making decent progress.

Why don't people seem to get that decentralizing power (and other)
production promotes decentralized power in general?

Having trashed the country with motorways and bypasses I can't
see why they need more, but a lot of their rail infrastructure is
a disaster from what I've heard/read.. below standard compared
to most European countries and could use work.

That's not actually a huge figure for the flood control/coastal defense
work, if it's actually needed. Maybe they should spend the money
on wave/tide based energy generation and they wouldn't need those nukes.

As the most violent country in Europe I guess they need to keep some
people out of circulation. Re-arming the responsible civilian population
and getting rid of pointless laws would likely drop the crime rate a fair
bit and they wouldn't need more prisons...