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I appreciate you

Please, ramble on, I appreciate your views.....
Not your assertions of myself but your views on governance.

Marriage is either an act of State or an act of church. Otherwise is an anarchist system the contract can be voided without threat of consequence.

History says church's record of preserving individual liberty has a little to be desired, almost as bad as governments.

I am married, by consent of my State, and have been for over 25 years....I rely on and expect little. I get that point, we agree in the concepts of personal responsibility. I just cant see anarchy in a nation of 300 million sheep being nothing but chaos and destruction. I get its a goal, just dont see how people clamor on like it is obtainable.Not for another 5 generations....if we stopped this madness now. Which we wont.
In the mean time under a restrained authority the anarchist could at least sample their ideas in small towns and counties.....but that would require some sort of alliance with Statist. Most advocates of anarchy dont seem to go for that, building coalitions with immoral Statist.