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My comment is completely

My comment is completely unrelated to the issue of this discussion, but about trusting Press TV...

Are you implying that we should only trust news networks owned or operated within the US?

Reason I say this is because there was a time when I trusted Fox News. I believed all of the "spin stops here" hype. That was until I saw with my own eyes Fox manipulating the news. One was the replay of a debate in '08... they asked the loaded question to Ron Paul but instead of continuing with his answer that he knocked out of the ballpark (as actually happened during the debate) they cut to commercial & returned having skipped his answer. They blatantly cut it out, but say the spin stops there... whatever. Then during his speech at CPAC... Ron Paul was cheered & applauded, so Fox instead aired the audience from a different speech the year prior, just to make RP look bad and as if the crowd at CPAC disliked him. Only knew about that one because the video was posted online before Fox edited it & aired their manipulated version.

It has nothing to do with what nation the news operates out of, because it is not as if US media is much better. Our news media is probably just as manipulative & untrustworthy.

It's the truth that matters, not the nation that the news comes from.