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He's Good

I really hate the way that the Senator gets locked in on his talking points- and often, they are taken right from the mainline Republican playlist. But unfortunately, that process is what the public feels is Presidential. We all loved Ron's authenticity, the way he deliver a squeaky retort when he'd get excited on the debate stage. Obviously, delivering complete thoughts requires an amount of rehearsal- that's why talking points are what they are.

Most of the Senator's talking points are designed to appeal to conservatives, which is quite different than his dads. Id hate to see him lose liberal voters who are reachable. But then, who knows how many Dems actually turned out to vote for Ron Paul. Regardless, Rand has gotten really good at interviews. He's always been pretty good, but his appearance on CNN last week was masterful. I dont think he'll ever be controlled by elite-types, Im only concerned that he will be bent to what he perceives as the popular will (ie. "We can just cut foreign aid to countries that burn our flag").

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