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Comment: The reason those forms of

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The reason those forms of

The reason those forms of contracts exist -and dare I say those institutions themselves- is due ot government. That's right; I said it. The Mobs and Cartels are a direct result of the existence of government; and the enforcement of those contracts is also a result of the existence of government. Don't play dumb.

An illegal business can't utilize private arbitors for contract disputes; can they? No. Why? Because they are illegal businesses. Why are they illegal businesses? Because the government decided to outlaw plants and products made from plants. Yes, that's right; your small government is outlawing nature itself. That is like trying to out-rank God. This should infuriate you; unless you don't actually believe in God, that is.

The only BS is the fact that the biggest gang of organized criminals is government, and you try and push it onto everybody else.

I don't like organized crime of any nature; especially the organized gang of criminals which creates the rest of the criminals. If one thinks about it; the only thing which government does create is criminals.