Comment: Tear down the public schools....

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Tear down the public schools....

The few good teachers will find jobs in private schools.

My wife works at an elementary school, and every day tells stories of corruption and incompetence.

My wife works for a teacher who can't do simple percentages. The other day this teacher was told that 69% of her kids met some standard. So she asked my wife (the assistant) how to figure out how many kids failed the standard. And the teacher couldn't subtract 69 from 100 in her head! She has a big reputation as an idiot, but it's tough to get rid of her. Especially since the last principal didn't care, so didn't start the documentation process. The new principal cares more, but is having to start from scratch jumping through all the hoops.

Another lady exists to train the teachers (what was that college degree for????). She told my wife that many of the teachers didn't know how to do simple fractions.

Then there's the $100,000 the district spent on a new curriculum, but didn't use it.

My wife has a teaching degree but has trouble getting a teacher position, so works as an aide. She's highly recommended by even the local university's education professor she worked with in a laboratory school. But my wife was recently told that the system doesn't like people like her who are too good, as she might not do what she's told. They prefer to hire young grads who won't rock the boat.

Despite the rhetoric, public schools have little to do with education. It can happen, but is not required.

We vote against all school levies because of the waste.