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Comment: If Mitt drops out

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If Mitt drops out

I am a mormon and RP supporter. If Mitt dropped out, and I don't think he will, RP should pick up some of his support. Maybe a lot. I have been reminding the mormons I know that it is their duty to support the constitution. That is taught in our doctrine and by our leaders. We believe that agency is the greatest gift given to us by our Father in Heaven and we are in a war with satan and his followers who are constantly trying to take our agency away and undermine our freedom.
The U.S. Constitution, which we believe was divinely inspired and so did all the founding fathers, serves to protect the sacred agency God gave us. I tell all my fellow mormons that RP will do more than Romney to protect the constitution and have convinced quite a few.

If you want a great book about the constitution I recommend, "The 5000 Year Leap."