Comment: That was the original title to the video.

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That was the original title to the video.

I have no idea why this is such a sensitive topic. The original video posted earlier is entitled Jewish Destruction of Western Culture. The video posted above is only a part of it.

Here is the full version:

It is fascinating. The interviewee is a professor from California State University. He studies peoples. He studies the ethnocentricity of the Jews in the US and elsewhere. Ethnocentricity is a normal human tendency. But I believe that they absolutely have a goal to undermine the White European American culture because they fear another expulsion. I knew it was happening but the information in the video clarifies much. Now I understand the motive. And I am also partially Jewish. But I am disturbed that the Israeli interests own our government, media, justice system, banks, and more. If the information presented is incorrect we could just have a conversation about it. I really do not see the point in getting emotional.