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How long you been beating your dog....

Fan of Rothbard and his history lessons.

As to your response, which I appreciate, it is proven that anarchy leads to government. Unless you have an anarchist system thats been around for more than 245 years.History is filled with anarchist, and derivatives of it. None last long and all ends with government. But few has ended with a government as restrained as our was, as our anarchist had a better moral base than most.
I dont profess to know all, do you know of any anarchist societies that have not ended in government and was able to sustain itself over the long haul ?

The modern US society is nowhere near ready for anarchy. The anarchist only hope is a total destruction of society or using force to instill anarchy in the US. Of course they could work with the "Statist"....but thats not an option. Even though Rothbards Quakers did just that.