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"...task reserved for God himself."
How did you come to the conclusion that God is not allowed to use secondary means to accomplish things?

"irrelevant when babies are involved"
Aside from the fact that their age isn't clearly spelled out in the Bible (we don't know if babies are actually being spoken of), How is the distinction between murder and killing made irrelevant when babies are involved? All that is required to disprove that statement is one example of where the distinction matters with regards to babies. If a lady is pregnant with 4 babies and due to complications one of the babies would have to die to save the lives of the other 3 babies and the mother, then taking the life of the baby to save the lives of 4 people would be the good choice in the moral dilemma, and would not be considered murder. If other lives were not in danger, then taking the life of that baby would be murder. So regardless of whether or not the bible is good or bad, your statement about the irrelevance of the distinction in light of babies is false. the distinction can exist with babies, and when an all knowing, good God comes to the conclusion that he want's to take back the life early, which he only lent out temporarily anyways, I can trust that God has good reasons for doing so. To accuse him of evil without knowing his mind and motives is very judgmental and unjustified for a finite created being with limited understanding.

"These people wanted to kill everyone, so they put God's command on it to justify their actions "
That is not what the text says, you are bringing your own ideas into it rather than extracting the meaning from the text. My question is do you assume that statement before you consider the text of the Bible, or did you come to that conclusion from reading the text? if you came to that conclusion from reading the text, how did you do it?

There is no mention of "babies" commanded to be butchered. Why slander the Bible in such a way? And why apply so much spin? why don't you just assess it in an honest way? Assessing things in a charitable way is the best way to understand them.