Comment: This is almost a man/woman thing

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This is almost a man/woman thing

I know that most are aware of the facts on guns, no need to go there.

But a weird phenomenon I've noticed anecdotally is that many 'conservative' couples I know have guys that like, own, and shoot guns, but their wives/girlfriends are incredibly uncomfortable with them, and despite hating gays, loving church, etc., they do not want guns in their house or in the community.

They use the old argument, "People will just go around shooting each other, guns going off hurting kids." They have zero conception of the fact that bikes, swimming pools, and especially automobiles are statistically orders of magnitudes more dangerous to people and kids and what have you.

The reason for this is simple: they are reacting emotionally, guns are scary, they are afraid of them and don't like them. Everything flows from that.

And this is being exploited politically.

Look I hate to say it, but some women are so fearful and in some cases nearly dysfunctional that they require people in their lives to guide them just to survive. This is the Obama demographic, the Sandra Fluke voter, what was that girl's name the campaign used?

Well whatever.

I also know women who are tough and love guns, and none of this applies to them. But I really don't know any men, not nearly to the extent of the number of women out there, that are so emotionally unsuited for liberty.


Dollars to donuts this was some young mom who posted this.