Comment: You do realize that the story

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You do realize that the story

You do realize that the story of William Penn is evidence on why there should be no government; don't you?

Probably the most anti-statist person in England at the time gets a large amount of land to create his society, and once there becomes a tyrant. The people refuse to collect his taxes for him or rule over the other inhabitants, so the good wannabe tyrant turns to the tyrannical government -which he condemed for years- to force the people to do as he said.

Also, I shall say it again; it wasn't do to the society itself that the anarchist experiment in Pennsylvania ended. It is not like it got so bad that there was blood in the streets and death everywhere. That type of stuff which you are afraid of isn't what caused it to end. It was due to a wannabe dictator and a loving tyrannical government willing to kill people to force its will on people, which caused it to end.