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regarding what you said here: "1. People who do not believe in your deity are not "enemies of the faithful" - that is the thinking behind genocides and cruel and anti-freedom theocracies like Saudi Arabia. I am not your enemy, I am not forcing you to do anything. I just think you are deluded - as long as you don't force me to do anything or encroach on my liberties, I'm all good. It is precisely that type of attitude that is reinforced by the Bible. One of the 27 Commandments (not "the 10" you are so fond of) is to kill infidels."

You are obviously an enemy of the faith/religion/bible of the faithful. Always attacking it through uncharitable misrepresentations, accusing it of teaching all sorts of evil which christians don't practice. You seem to pay no attention to the good lives of faithful people or the good that came from the bible throughout history, but base your assessment of a religion on your poor interpretation of obscure passages describing a judgment on specific individuals God performed at some point in history, or on the actions of people who misuse it for their own gain. You throw in disparaging affectual insults and misrepresentations whenever you get the chance, and then say you are all good? How are Christians encroaching on your liberties now? That would be more helpful to hear about than listening to all of your hate for the Bible?