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Not true, he believes the free market can replace government

"He did not believe in any force against individuals."

Not true, he believes the free market can replace governments role, and if it were, you just said that he will NOT serve justice, that justice is something he opposes, and justice begins by defending liberty. Justice is not something somebody consents to. No criminal or destroyer ever wants to face justice. It's imposed on them.

If you won't serve justice, you are worthless to liberty, because if you haven't noticed, people CHOOSE to use violence to take each others liberty.

Whether you're a single cell organism or a human being, violence serves two ends; to either take what you covet, or defend yourself against those who would. People CHOOSE to use violence to take what they covet because it serves their self interest. It serves their covetous nature. People CHOOSE to take each other as slaves. People CHOOSE to destroy and take what they covet.

Being a nihilist is not a replacement for justice. Turning a blind eye is no replacement for justice. It simply makes you worthless to liberty.

I have NO PROBLEM WHATSOEVER using force to defend liberty. I don't lose one seconds sleep over it. Justice is not about ruling you through violence. It's about opposing those who would, and as I've stated, and you've just reinforced, Murray Rothbard is less than worthless in the fight.

Not only will he not lift a finger to oppose slavery, rape, murder, and injustice in all it's forms; he hopes to unleash mans covetous nature in a free market of violence. What he wants is power, and to create a world filled with injustice, yet he needs to somehow do it while pretending to believe in the NAP. He'll be happy to watch others do his destroying for him. He just needs to eliminate what's standing in their way.

Like I said; wherever that Anarcho-Piece-O-Garbage is, I have no doubt that justice is being served.