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Yes, the problem is that YOU'RE sure

Please don't say you're sure he thinks we need more socialism. That's absolutely offensive to me. This data stands on its own as accurate and not agenda-driven one bit. In fact, it is the same numbers I've found in dozens of places when doing my related research over a year's time frame. The result? I didn't come to any socialism based solution.

I came to an extremely free-market solution. But when I tried to outline that solution, people didn't believe the problem. When I tried to point towards this exact data (in the form of the very first chart shown above), the topic and discussion was completely missed because of the bickering over whether I should be labeled socialist or not. Left a very bad taste in my mouth over DP members so I left for almost a year!

Stop making assumptions please. The problem is the banks. Period. The solution is to take back the power of money from them. Period. The best way to do that is via the free market principles. Period.
Arguing over how some awesomely informative video sounds is nothing but a distraction.

Didn't mean to pick on just you when others hint at this too but you had everything else 100% right after leading off with a distracting premise. HTH