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I'm slobbering aye?

It's not that I don't make cogent arguments. It's that you need to close your eyes to them.

Should I believe that you're incapable of reading? Should I believe that you're short some form of intellect, and can't understand that there is nothing "straw" about my arguments.

It's what an Anarchist preaches, the free market taking over the proper role of government; to defend liberty, to serve justice. The free market does not serve justice. It serves VALUE. People want to get the most they can for their money, and there is no better way to create value through violence than slavery.


1.anything worthless, useless, or discarded; rubbish.
2.foolish or pointless ideas, talk, or writing; nonsense.
3.a worthless or disreputable person.
4.such persons collectively.
5.literary or artistic material of poor or inferior quality.

Murray Rothbard is trash.