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"Free Energy" in today's context isn't plugging into the air

It means over-unity energy production. The context is what matters. Even a simple black box that makes unlimited quantities at unlimited rates would cost a few dollars to produce and thus not be called free energy under your terms.

Solar PV is technically free energy in the technical sense but not in today's urban dictionary because you have to buy it and then you can get free energy. This is the same with the last three items on your list.

Unfortunately, the rest of the list is bogus for various reasons. You state them as examples of free energy, yet they all cost to purchase. Even after settling that confusion, the first three are unproven.

Orgone Energy boils down to psychological energy willed into existence. Plug your hair dryer into that and let's see how it works.

The water car has received tons of news because it was actually showcased on the news. Have you seen any peer reviewed data proving it works? Of course you haven't because people are making careers out of looking for it and asking for it. They can't even get a paid-for independent demonstration of it.

Cold fusion MAY someday be proven valid with the right catalyst and the right pressures, temps and other environmental circumstances. However, that day has not arrived yet. Of course, it doesn't matter if it does because this is not a viable solution. The cost of the equipment to manage a critical reaction with dangerous transformations at potentially explosive rates will ensure the end product won't be purchased for $20k to power your house. It will either be much higher (think 10 times) or it WILL BECOME CENTRALLY CONTROLLED, which places big energy back in the monopoly seat and defeats the whole purpose of free energy in the first place.

What this entire discussion boils down to is what's the cheapest you can buy some equipment and make ALL the energy desired in ALL the forms that are desired ENDLESSLY once it's PAID OFF. The discussion is not about what technology does that. It's about what that end cost is. Period. Some people include rare materials in that price but for the most part, it's just a dollar question.

What's your line in the sand for that dollar amount?