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Comment: Last Night in Sacramento

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Last Night in Sacramento

Well, tonight I had my picture taken with the exiting chair of the CAGOP. He was one of the first people I met at the convention when I went up to the Golden Circle hospitality to see what it was about, and decided to join ($26c), as it buys me a ticket to the next convention, and the opportunity to network beyond the tables on the floor. It's kinda like wall street where you have the guys on the floor, and then you have the guys renting offices in the upper floors.

When I met the exiting Chair, I told him, "Oh it's great to meet you. I was wondering if you were ok, because I haven't received an email from you in awhile", You could see the gears rolling in his head, as if, "WFT?" And he looked at his staff who seemed to all look kinda dumbfounded, and one of them tried to recall the chair's last email, and it looking kind of painful, so I just said something like, "It's a pleasure to meet you." and went back to whatever I was doing, which I think was talking to people about the golden circle and what the benefits are. The biggest benefit is "you're in".

I went upstairs and had another virgin mary, no salad, and made an effort to look at the view, which was very nice, of the capital building. I met a nice man who ran campaigns until he began working for a senator. We discussed how issues get passed through, and while he was educating me, like magic, these two young guys up all excited about being in the golden circle and having worked their way up from the floor. They were real excited, and explaining how hard they had worked on thier inniative, which I didn't get the chance to ask about because the man who I was talking with saw another man who he wanted to introduce the young men in assisting them to the next level.. and it was these levels he was telling me about, so that was very cool. I met a few other interesting people.. people who work for law firms that cover cities, and write insurance, and big doners, people who contribute tens of thousands, and offer, "in kind" services, like charter flights, and real estate.. I even met a professional dance instructor. From there I went to the dinner.

When I came into the dinning room, I was greeted by a few people and asked to sit, which I did. There was a big piece of chocolate mousse granach with buttercream, white chocolate twist, with white chocolate and raspberry syrup staring at me. I asked for lemon and loaded my water with it.

WE were joined by a brilliant and beautiful, orthodox Jewish couple who were from Israel, who turned out to be Ben Stein's parents in law. Ben Stein was the main speaker of the evening (for those who don't know who Ben Stein is ). I decided after Ben spoke that I would rather rest up than go suite hopping, after all, I am more of a morning person and prayer breakfast starts at 8AM, and I have to vote..and there's a couple of meetings I hope to get to..but don't know if I will be able.. I'm going to check out before breakfast and head home after the meeting, where I'll make my report.. and get to work on being a treasurer.

Dinner menu

Cream of chiplotle pepper soup
pear, candied walnut, spinach salad with balsalmic vinagerette
assorted rolls and butter
hazelnut encrusted chicken breast, seemed like a red wine reduction but I couldn't taste it.. grilled serloin tip with with cilantro pesto, mashed potatoes and broccoli rabi.
and of course that chocolate mouse torte.. apparently others thought it looked really good too because I noticed that everyone at my table had dessert first.