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Comment: No, he's tall, white, and doughy

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No, he's tall, white, and doughy

Fundraising for canddiates is a business, so when someone excells in that business, selling a candidate like Bush, Rove's fame actually resides in the amount of money he can raise for a candidate.. and Rove is still riding high on the Bush bus, because that's where the money is.. nothing has replaced that, and we have a ways to go being I'm the only one in the golden circle in CA. That needs to change.. and that would be true for other state's GOPs. Anyways, I'm sure Karl sees HIS connections contributions as under HIS umbrella.. and so it would be based on what GOP funds Rand got for his senate race.. Feinstein by comparison, who didn't even have to give one speach, had over $7 million... so $2.9 isn't much by comparison, and also lets you have an idea of what kind of money we need to raise.