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Those that believe

that codes and statutes or any legislative action applies to We the People at all. Code and Statutes is for procedures of government not for regulating behavior of We the People. We the People already have law for dealing with the interactions of People which is Natural Common Law.

People who drank the kool-aid who believe that men can make law upon other men who have not harmed or injured anyone or contracted for duties is the single biggest failure across the board and saddens me more than pisses me off. We already have law and even had it long before the USA. We made the law for government with the Constitution and gave them the power to legislate with codes and statutes the internal processes of government affairs according to what is presented by We the People and only Re-presented by our representatives for approval by the People at large. The government never had any power because it rested solely in our hands and we bound every individual working for the Government through the Contractual oath of the Constitution in order to keep all application of arbitrary legislation not applicable to us. This means every legislative action was solely bound to the procedures of government and never had anything to do with We the People because the execution of government inteferences into someone's lives rested solely on the common law processes based on true maxims of of law realized as the Consent of the Governed having a valid cause, that includes alleged actual injury against another through an accusation one holds liability for. Instead of accepting liability for each of our accusations against another the blind ignorance of the masses have unknowingly chosen to limit their own liability and have "government" be the limited liability entity that can magically make all the rules that We the People have to follow and extort and enslave us into following these arbitrary and unlawful rules through violent force whether any injury has occurred or not.

Those who drink the Kool-aid of code and statutes applying to We the People have destroyed our freedoms all while claiming to be "enforcing the law". This failure in most people's thinking is the most disturbing of all because even many of those who feel they have "awoken" to whats really going still reject the fact that Code does not apply to the People and was never intended to. This means that as long as this thinking continues then the only hope for freedom is the never ended violence of politics instead of simply living your life in complete awareness of the simplicity of our applicable law: the Natural Common Law.

Applying code to the People is like Wal-Mart applying its employee rules handbook and standard operating procedures to its Share Holders; it doesn't make any sense!!! We already have law and we are the shareholders of the binding contract upon those who take an oath to it called the Constitution. If there is any doubt about this then you really need to understand why the 9th amendment is in the Bill of Rights. It is because government could not legislate law for us, at all.


The most powerful Law of Nature is Time. It is finite and we all will run out of it. Use this Law to your advantage, for it offers you infinite possibilities...