Comment: Whose version of Bible truth should I believe?

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Whose version of Bible truth should I believe?

Many read the Bible and get very different views of God. Many believe in God but not the Christian Bible's version of God. Many live more in accordance with Bible teachings that don't read the Bible than many who proclaim the Bible as truth.

Many don't understand why some believe they are granted special entry into spiritual utopia while others, who have lived a more deserving life, are not because they didn't believe the same as those that do believe in exclusive special treatment by God according to their beliefs.

Many have experienced the same near-death experience from many different cultures, religions, beliefs and non-beliefs. It seems that some form of consciousness carries over after death but no one can say for sure that their religion or belief is the only one that counts.

Why would God hold you to having to make a decision now rather than after you die and meet him face to face?

Ask for a do-over, two out three. He's a loving God, surely he'll grant you that.

Don't get me wrong, I think it would be a better world if everyone believed in a higher-power that guides us to treat one another as we would have them treat us but what really matters beyond that, truthfully?

If I burn in hell and gnash my teeth for living my life doing that, what does that say about a God who says;"Thouest not good enough, move out of the Catholic priest's way that ask for forgiveness for his unspeakable sins and believes in me."?