Comment: Meta Hodos. The Next way after the direct way.

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Meta Hodos. The Next way after the direct way.

As the direct way has mostly been hidden from me, what method (meta = next + hodos = way) has priority.

About 2500 years ago the Greek Paramenides argued. "What cannot not be is real."

2300 years later Hegel argued that a thought thunk is a triad; I think, content and relationship to reality.

When does my thinking become real?

A lie intentionally contradicts reality.

An error simply means, think harder Homer.

Before this Moses taught that all ah reality is one.

How does one free themselves from obstacles that prevent accord with reality?

Each of us has an idea of God born though our personal experiences.

Being left free to experience reality in truth and fullness is a challenge to do so for others.

If all are seeking that which cannot not be we have something to share.

Free includes debt-free!