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I wasn't trying to knock anybody

I didn't know much about him, I heard Scott Horton mention a list of whistle blowers once on his show. I went to the list skimmed it briefly and that was that. I couldn't even find you the show or the list today. but I want to say GW was after like 4 or 5 whistle blowers and obamma has doubled that number.

I am not trying to take a holly than thou attitude here. I am no longer trying to understand how messed up the world around me is. I am trying to understand how it remains this messed up and I am not seeing too many solutions to the problem. People like to live in a world full of lies and nonsense...the fairy tale. That's why Hollywood is so damn popular and why British royalty is so popular in the states. There is comfort in the lies and the myths. The media isn't going to shatter those myths, reality bites.

How this story fell through the cracks at DP is beyond me, I did my best to offer up some theories. Things go in fads on this site just like anywhere else...with the Gun hysteria in full motion its hard to get people to look at anything else.

I see you responded to my original post above...mind you I didn't mention wikileaks there. But you didn't have to read any of the documents release by wikileaks. There were great reporters doing the hard work for you when the releases were out. Greg Mitchell @thenation blogged for quite sometime everyday about what was going on with wikileaks. There were many others out there too. I still read Mitchell, He isn't perfect, but he covers good stuff.