Comment: You are under the illusion

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You are under the illusion

that if we just replace the so called “leaders” (criminals) with “Leaders” of your choosing that everything will be ok, when in reality the “leaders” are not the master of your slavery but you yourself are by way of vague laws of the Constitution.
You need to take a deep breath from your perch and read some books……..not everything comes in a video on Youtube. We will start with a short little book called Hamilton’s Curse, then if you really would like to know the history of this country read Murray Rothabrd’s History of Banking and Money or his masterpiece Conceived in Liberty. You see you don’t really want liberty…… just want to impose your version of Liberty on the rest of us…….because we just aren’t as smart as you……boy you need to wake up… are an elitist.
So for the third time I will ask the questions
1. How much of existing government would you repeal?
2. How far would you roll government back?
3. Where's your point…..state where you think limited government ends and fascism begins?
4. Where do you think limited government begins?

Answer the questions so we can start the a real conversation
because right now your just trying to impress everyone with how smart YOU THINK you are.