Comment: I don't miss a beat.

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I don't miss a beat.

I just hit 'me' on the blue bar (just found that trick recently) and...viola....the debate commences.

Lordy, your trip sounds fantastic. What an opportunity and with perfect timing. China is really high up on my travel list. Some day....
Where are your top desired destinations? Turkey, Iran, and some off the beaten' path areas of one of the 'stans' would be cool for me. Uzbekistan or Kazakhstan or wherever. Oh, and Cambodia.

I noted the book 'Financiers'. I am not much in to fiction but I love the time period and subject matter.

Interesting choice of school specialties. What is your dream job? Do you wish you could go to Mises U? I think they would love someone with those specialties. It seems they like to take people just out of economics school that have other, maybe contrasting, specialties. They seem creative like that. I would love to go.

I think they have summer camp type of classes. I don't know how hard it is to get in. We could run a dough raising thread right here for ya.

The more I know about anything the more I know I know nothing - especially religion. I should stay away from these type of threads but...'every time I try to get away they just pull me back in'(Godfather II)...

I really just wanted to throw out my newly found Mencken quote. It really hit home for me. I am a fatalist.

Hey, I can't believe how cool your jammin' session has turned out. Well, I can. It just gets greater every day though. What a brilliant idea and it is growing all organic-like. I love the embeds. And I actually like that embeds are not spreading all over. When a newcomer stops by they gotta be all thrilled and want to partake in the festivities.

Insomnia sucks!