Comment: Rothbard wrote extensively about justice

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Rothbard wrote extensively about justice

He was very clear that he believed initiating force against another individual was morally wrong, and that defending yourself against the initiation of force was morally right and justified.

But governments, regardless of their 'ideal' purpose, initiate force all the time and call it 'moral.' They tax, they mandate, they regulate, they imprison, they destroy the lives people who have done nothing to deserve destruction. The greatest mass murderers have not been the crazed drugged-out gun slinging misfits and ne'r-do-wells who barge into movie theaters and schools and spray bullets into innocent men, women, and children. No, they are pikers compared to the well-spoken, mainstream, politically correct, and awesomely persuasive people who regularly get elected to public office and have been granted the power to kill hundreds of thousands, even millions, and call it morally right.

Governments, far from being the protectors of our lives and property are by far the greatest destroyers of lives and property. George Washington understood the danger of government power when he called it a dangerous servant and a fearsome master. Jefferson understood the danger in government when he said it was the natural order of things that governments would grow and liberty would yield. Millions died at the hands of governments in the 20th century. And you think governments bring justice and security? More like death and destruction.

If government, by it's nature, is about force that will almost certainly become oppressive force (such as we live with today), then was Rothbard really so wrong in saying that the root of injustice is the very concept of government? Was he really wrong in advocating that we all adopt an individualist philosophy and look to voluntary arrangements to achieve justice and security?

Rothbard came to anarchism because he could see no way of keeping the destructive government genie in the bottle. Our Founders thought they had found a way by drafting a Constitution and Bill of Rights, but that strategy has clearly failed. It failed because the People gave up their individualism to embrace the State, and the State did exactly what States always do: they oppress.