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Comment: I love to play. Thanks for letting me.

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I love to play. Thanks for letting me.

7 - ca 1.8 gigasecs
8 - skeptical
9 - tortured poet
10 - not as much as I'd like, but probably lots more than I deserve.
11 - 1987. I had hoped to be voting for Russell Means in 1988, but The Good Doctor was a suitable second choice.
12 - still working on him. I'm better at Bubba and Poppy, not so much Bario, and I do a killer Clint Eastwood, feral squint an' all!
13 - 47, if you capitalize the adjective. Lower case probably for life, or, technically, once I first learned the definition of the word, which like as not would have been pre-adolescence.
14 - 0, though, in an emotional or nostalgic sense I could make a case for it (old movies, old music, old comic books), but otherwise, in any social or political sense, forget about it; I'm a xenophile and a neomaniac.
15 - for life, again, insofar as one of the definitions of the word is "libertarian" and another is "generous". But again, in a contemporaneous sense I'm no hip-and-caring demo-leftist, if that's what you mean.
16 - hard money and a secure frontier

dynamite anthrax supreme court white house tea party jihad
to be continued