Comment: "Capitalism Built The Country" by Bo Södersten.

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"Capitalism Built The Country" by Bo Södersten.

The author of the book has been in
*high position of the largest political party
*member the parliament for a decade
*part of the Finance Commitee
*and was a professor in political economy

The book was written in 1991.First he recognized during his travel that the difference between the asian tigers (Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, South Korea and Japan) and the rest of asia was freedom of movement/speech and right to ownership. This was also true of the west.

Scandinavia was no different. Sweden was one of the poorest countries in Europe in 1860. In 1860-1870 came the Liberal Party to power, and made reforms which gave people freedom and right to ownership. Sweden started its industrial revolution and had a continuesly growth, and also one of Europes highest, for 50 years before the Social Democratic Party came to power. The Social Democrats where very carefull, and made no large reforms until 1968. Because of the people being free and staying out of the World Wars, swedens managed to build on of the most valued industries in the world. But the socialist movement during the 70s and 80s destroyed much of the economy, the debt went almost out of control, and today are we paying the worlds highest taxes and are working much harder than before. We had more time because of the great industries ower forfathers built, but it is really a borrowed time. The avarage swedish person today:

*Has a libability of at least 170%. I believe US is 117% (Denmark is even worse!).
*Savings for only a month ahead.
*Long qeues for healthcare, and with often poor performance
*Schools in decline. We are today doing worse than US, despite being more homogeneous!
*Taxes at 70 - 80%!
*And we are now borrowing!

And recession never really hit us during 2008! Imagine what will happen now when the financial crisis is finally arriving. This Scandinavian glorification in media is a myth, leaving out a lot of important information. Capitalism built our countries, socialism is taking it away!

And one more thing for all you Ron Paulers out there. He mentions shortly, because he was in the financial commitee of the government, that they [the governments] where planning a world currency to coup with currency differences. But this project needed much more time, and he argued it would first be ready long in the future, as late as 2010.