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It was AMAZING. This town has a population of just over 300, and at least 350 people attended. I was hoarse, talked for 6 hours straight - people were lining up to learn what we were doing. The featured speaker was a naturopath that I REALLY wanted to chat with, but I hardly even got to eat, we were just talking the whole time. We went home with our only regret being we had not had a chance to meet Claudia Keyworth, the speaker. (Check into her work, awesome lady!) Well, we dragged out exhausted butts to the hot pool, and sat there and chatted with this couple for about fifteen minutes, just awesome people. And I mean we were TALKING, about the real situation in the world, the kind of conversations usually reserved for your closest friends and allies, like here at the DP. ;)
It took a while in the dark to realize it was the speaker and her husband - we had a GREAT visit with them, much better than the thirty seconds I would have gotten at the event.
I am so excited about the things that are coming together, I don't even have time to tell stories at the DP right now.... How is THAT for busy with happy work?
I saw the write-up on Karl's visit last night. I am glad to see you made it out without getting arrested! ;)
Hugs, G!

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