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"I'm waking up, what were you doing at 22?"

That is a very good step. At that age I was working and going to college full time. I didn't know or care to know the difference between a delegate and a ballot sheet. I was out on my own and having fun.

"Get over it and please quit being an @-hole."

The next step is for you to watch that mouth of yours and have at least a little respect for others. Disagreements are fine, but resorting to personal attacks/name calling will get you nowhere [unless you are me and know how to get away with it ;-) ].

"you keep telling me over and over that I'm not a part of the movement."

I have never stated that you are not part of the movement. I have, however, stated that your interpretation of 'the message' may or may not be the wisest move [of course, I could be wrong]. You have a strong tendency to put words into my mouth [and I WILL call you out]. It is YOU who states that I am not part of the movement. But hey, if it makes you feel superior.. I am more than confident that when it comes to puting ones frn's where their mouth is, you would not stand a chance against me. Time could possibly cure that.

"As the good Dr. said "yet if we don't do more work to present our views.."

And this is where you and I part. My and others views: I oppose sanctions where none are in order. I oppose feinstein-lee, which Justin *warned* about, while Rand pushed it like American apple pie. Chess, as you claim, or like to play.. Maybe, but at the expense of NOT explaining or telling the American people the truth. The people are STILL confused and continue to believe that we should still meddle into the affairs of other nations. I oppose that, along with the economics of such possible actions and the potential cost of human lives. The American people have learned NOTHING, other than those who took the time to listen to Ron, Justin, and me.

OldNo.7J.D., what you must understand is that I am NOT a Republican. I am a Conservative L[l]ibertarian. And to me, the fact that the Establishment party lost is an example of Ron Paul's message and steadfastness which continues to grow. Once [we] start compromising, all that he and I have worked for will be forgotten [as per the lazy and short-term memory of many Americans]. The other thing that you must realize is that because I am a Conservative L[l]ibertarian, demanding that I get on some bus, get with the program, or in your words 'get over it', has no meaning to me, for I will do exactly what I must.

You are young and naive and have little respect. But you are also verging on intelligence, energetic and the future. The key to success and how I still learn to this day is to listen more than I talk, and always question from within. I would suggest, from life-long experience, that you do the same. Winning or losing makes no difference, if it is for the wrong reason(s).

Lastly, don't you worry about who I support. I didn't need you in 2012, and I certainly don't need you for 2016. Let Rand do what he does, and I will determine based upon his record then. What you CAN do is hold his and ALL other politicians feet to the fire, while explaining to people who you are contact with the truth about specifics. THAT is how we win.

Black and white..? Gray is what got us into this stinking mess in the first place. Think about that.


"What if the American people learn the truth" - Ron Paul