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If the neighbor signed this

If the neighbor signed this letter, I'd probably write them back nicely and explain the importance of the Constitution and why we should never back down from our freedoms. I'd mention the 1st amendment, 2nd amendment, and 4th amendment for sure. Then I'd explain how (with proof) our rights are being taken away. Someone who doesn't understand what is happening in this country might think a law-abiding gun owner is a problem. Once you take the scales off your eyes, it all makes sense. I'd mention the NDAA and how President Obama said he'd never sign it nor anything like a year ago but after Sen. McCain spearheaded a group to put the indefinite detention provision back in, Obama quietly signed it on his Hawaiian vacation in January. Explain what the indefinite detention is and that it ends over 700 years of habeas corpus rights started in the Magna Carta. Tell them this isn't just a Democrat/Republican problem. Tell them that in the fiscal cliff deal, the Obama administration insisted on putting the Baucus bill in that didn't make it into a passing bill August 2012. This bill was to give tax breaks to the big uber rich banks like Goldman-Sachs. Not only did the Obama admin. want it in, they wanted those tax breaks permanent but I don't think that part made it in. Tell them that Obama's #1 campaign contributor was GS in 2008 and Romney's #1 campaign contributor was GS in 2012 so it would've mattered not which one got in the White House. We still would've had a banker-funded president only interested in helping those who are stealing from the American people through inflation by the Federal Reserve bank. Usually I have to explain inflation too; some people really don't understand how it affects them personally and how the big banks and D.C. benefit from it. Explain how if people don't learn history, history repeats itself. How many times has a tyrant disarmed their people only to persecute or murder them later? If they scoff at that, then say these gradual changes to take away our Constitutional rights didn't start with Obama nor Bush but each president is chipping away a little bit at a time. If Obama doesn't become a tyrant, all the executive orders and unconstitutional precedents he is setting will make the next tyrant that much worse. Bush set up the stage for Obama to do the things he's doing such as running all over our privacy rights and now even killing American citizens with no due process. What is the next president going to do? This is why it is necessary to retain our 2nd amendment rights because it protects all the others. Put a founding quote about how it wouldn't be needed unless the government tried to take it away. If this person doesn't get it, that's their problem. Politely tell them you will continue to exercise your right to free speech and gun ownership and that if anything ever happens such as a break-in in their home and you can do something about it, you will most certainly do everything you can to help them.....weapon or not. Have a nice day!