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There are few 'absolutists', or 'purists' around.

The issue is that too few actually will demand and support only those who measure up to the yardstick of Liberty and the Constitution.

In droves, those in the purported liberty-movement will trumpet the likes of Rand, Kucinnich, some guy who gives one speech, someone other guy or gal who says something palatable, and others of their ilk.

This indicates something about the droves of individuals who fail in the test of actually having rock-solid liberty principles.

As to Lil' Rand, yeah, yeah, its all be vomited out before...he is 'guessed' and 'hoped' by many to be playing some high-level game of three-dimensional chess...a game that the stupid 'absolutists' and stupid 'purists' simply cannot grasp.

He will supposedly, at some point when he has totally sucked in and utterly fooled the entire globalist-collectivist establishment, suddenly unmask and become...'Super Rand, Holy Liberty Warrior'.

Hell, I bet he has him a snazzy set of red-white & blue girlish tights with a great big emblem on the front with "SRHLW" emblazoned on it.

Rand 'Clark-Kent' Paul, ready to spring into action and assume hero-status to thwart the machinations of the evil globalist-collectivists........hell yeah!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!