Comment: I didn't say rare earth magnets were a requirement

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I didn't say rare earth magnets were a requirement

I said, "Rare earth magnets don't exist in enough quantities to do this AND coils of wires would require an electrified backbone to run the length of the pipe. This is also too expensive." (emphasis added)

Chorus still uses electrified coils of copper wire laid flat, next to each other, along the entire length of the tube. This means hundreds of tons of copper, lots of electricity, lots of electronics and lots of maintenance will be spread out over the 4,000 miles from LA to NYC or the 3,500 miles from NYC to London. Then if you want another one to any other continent or major city or cross any other ocean... You get the idea.

Why would you want to electrify the entire length of pipe when a passive solution exists? Sure, Induct-Track cannot support a full sized train like traditional maglev but don't we prefer commuter cars to trains anyway?

The evacuated tubes 'CAN' be made from concentrated solar heat, sand and some other creative stuff mixed in... in an extruded, air-tight system that inserts flat C-shaped plates of aluminum in the ceiling as it goes. Other than external suspension, this is all that would be needed. This is much more sustainable than continuing our civilization's dependence on increasingly rare resources. Aluminum is not even on the radar of "rare".