Comment: It's almost inexcusable that we don't have maglev

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It's almost inexcusable that we don't have maglev

train / mass transit conduits in this country already--at least connecting major cities--but so goes life when the auto industry & big oil control our government and economy. It really sucks how utterly manipulated and screwed we have been in the last 50 - 60 years (Small example: big oil buying up electric interurban train and bus lines post WWII and scrapping them) just to keep a relative few people rich. And our ability to move freely in this country has always been kept in check. Think about it. We *think* we can move about in our cars, but most people can't / never have been able to afford to do this (as far as any real distances are concerned) without having to save a lot of dough relative to their incomes... never mind the amount of time travel takes by car. Figure in the cost of buying a car and car maintenance, too, plus roads, pollution, etc.. "Car culture"--as much as I like it, admittedly--is sorta F'd.

Add on being cheated out of Teslaean energy by our government, too. Real societal progress has been so often stymied by those in power. I know complaining does nothing, but it is surreal to step back and take in the larger view!

And people often whine about how expensive hyper-efficient transport is/ would have been, but once again: our country could have afforded just about anything if we hadn't allowed ourselves to be locked into the cycles of pursuing costly unjust foreign military actions, wars, foreign aid, propping up the UN, IMF, corporate welfare, inefficient general welfare / entitlements, debt slavery to the Fed / elite, etc. etc. etc.


What would the Founders do?