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oh, ha, ha, funny--

so, now *we* will be called anti-collectivists for saying that collectivism is bad? *tongue in cheek, trying to lighten things up*

I am a minority within my own collective. Groups of all kinds are collectives, because they are a collection of humans with something in common. Most of my church members are rabid Zionists, and I am not, have not been for decades. There is no theologically pure basis for the Zionism in my group's faith; it's just a tradition, a cultural flaw. My position is a lonely one.

I refuse to be labelled along with them--

but . . . I am still part of the culture. I take the good things and throw out the bad.

All of us have to do that.

You're probably right; it is HARD to have a conversation when a person has to use disclaimers all the time, but how else do *we* fight the exploitation of a group by leaders of a group--?

It happens in everything; you can't deny that.

I might refuse to be brainwashed, but I can see that some of those who are brainwashed have good hearts and would refuse to hurt anyone else--

they are just neutralized enough to allow others to hurt in their 'group name'--

it's hard to be awake; it's easier to dream--