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It may be unpopular

But I completely agree that this person is un-reachable... Come on you people! read the letter again... she shows NO SIGN of being a reasonable person...

"Lunatic who owns guns!" - are you kidding me people.

"Red-neck Hillbilly Nut!" - Yeah this is a real "Christian"

Stop giving this guy advice about trying to reach this woman... at best you will only confirm her paranoia and embolden her position.

People like this need to be politely, yet very firmly, reminded to mind their own business and to keep all of their great "Well intended" ignorant letters to themselves.

Be amicable, but un-waivering... Don't start talking about the NDAA or Totalitarian Governments... your brainwashed neighbor is too far gone and NONE of it will make any sense to a senseless person.

Victor Escobar