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Mexican drug cartels and mafia organizations do not make contracts (at least to the extent that they execute evil deeds---I recognize that some of what they do hurts no one, provides goods and services needed or at least desired in society, and is perfectly legitimate). They simply use force and violence, just like government. The only difference (the *only* difference) is that they do not try to claim legitimacy for their use of force. That's it. (Well, the other difference is that the government does nothing legitimate.)

I do not have much trouble with government. I do not have much trouble with the mafia. Why is that? The answer is basically that I understand them for what they are and try to stay out of their way. In either case, however, if I cannot rationally avoid conflict with them, the consequence of my philosophy is clear. Whether I am a coward or not will, I assume, be determined by my response when I find the aggression of either entity unavoidable.

In short, we're not making the actions of the mafia honorable, but your philosophy and the irresponsibility it breeds is making them possible and prevalent. You are actually right in your assertion that dealing with anarchists is like a house of mirrors. You need a mirror to see the source of the problems around you.